long-stemmed roses, by Larry Kimmel

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short and sweet press presents:  long-stemmed roses, by Larry Kimmel.  A collection of cherita selected and sequenced by ai li, creator of cherita.

In his latest collection long-stemmed roses Larry Kimmel approaches the love poem in a fresh, bold way. Laced with sensuality, subtly touched by longing and saturated with passion—these cherita speak (or rather whisper) to the lover in us.

As explored so skillfully in this poetry collection, love is so much more than just 'being in love'. It is all the sensations of longing, of losing, of letting go, of not living up to expectations, and sometimes, of keeping secrets and/or just being moved by the moment.

This is a thrill of a collection, but please don't take my word for it, turn the page …
excerpts from the foreword by
Caroline Skanne

long-stemmed roses is essentially a new and selected collection of my cherita since 1997 till now, 2018, and contains, along with shards and dust, all of the cherita that I wish to preserve at this time.   Larry Kimmel