Winfred Press New Site

Winfred Press Unveils New Site

Winfred Press is quite chuffed at having a new website to share with you and you and you. And relieved to leave behind its rather ramshackle old 20th century site, that grew organically from a single page—relieved yes, though not without a certain nostalgia for the days when we just winged everything. This time, however, we joyfully embraced the services of a pro, Owen Smith, of Stockton-On-Tees, England.

The story of Winfred Press is a story of a guy and his computer. Late one summer, or maybe it was a winter, night, while putting the finishing touches to his first collection of poems, Larry Kimmel thought:  wouldn’t it be fun to have an imprint right about here on the title page, and so he appropriated his middle name, which wasn’t being used for anything better. The rest is history.

That was 23 years ago, and in the intervening years, we’ve sometimes wondered, what kind of a name Winfred is for a press.  A few years ago, we came up with the imprint Stark Mountain Press, which began as a thin fiction of being a whole other press, though it was never a secret.  Also, during those years, Winfred Press was privileged to publish three Haiku Society of America Merit Award winners, and found itself cited, not infrequently, among the publishers of short form poetry, most especially haiku, haibun and tanka, so we think we are stuck with Winfred Press, fond though we are of our Stark Mountain Press imprint, inspired by a narrow, dirt road following the edge of a wooded ravine in Vermont, just two miles north of our Winfred Press location in Massachusetts.  Stark Mountain is, for us, a kind of latter day Cold Mountain of Han-shan fame, that legendary poet-sage of the late Tang Dynasty.  Well, we all have our inner-life fantasies to deal with.

It still trips our mind, having begun in the days of typewriters (a device that ingeniously drew its energy from its user), that one can write, produce, publish and market a book all from one’s home study.  Unbelievable.

We had hoped to do much more than we have had time for, and continue to hope, especially in seeing that the deserving work that comes into our ken remains in print and available to a wide audience through the magic of print-on-demand services. So, we are a very small operation, as we have said, but never, never, never have we been a hobby.  We don’t know what we are, but we are much other than that.  (Not to disparage hobbies. That we would never do.)

For this unveiling of our new website, we’d like to thank some of those who made it possible through their generosity and expertise—Joy McCall; Owen Smith; Carol Purington; Kathleen Leahy; and all the poets and writers who have entrusted their work to our care.

Please come join us, and the authors represented here, at our brand new, up-to-date, finally and at last, 21st century Winfred Press website.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out ‘Larry Kimmel’ in the About page drop down. He’s a nice guy and he so enjoys the validation.

Thank you and enjoy.