Winfred Press Presents: Blue Smoke

With ink drawings by Mark Windsor

With ink drawings by Mark Windsor

Winfred Press Presents: 
the Second Edition of Blue Smoke: a two voice improvisation, by Sheila Windsor and Larry Kimmel

Praise for Blue Smoke

I am in awe of how Larry and Sheila have brought their inner storyteller out from the proverbial smoke-filled ancestor's cave. I may be its parent but these two fine poets have given the cherita endless possibilities in which it can be written and interpreted.
blue smoke gets into your very being, your soul.

ai li, haiku and tanka poet

Blue Smoke is unique. Informed, rather than constrained, by precedent the authors use their extensive knowledge of Japanese collaborative verse to generate a work that is associated to renga, but different.

This is no mere sequence of stanzas. It is a gavotte, an elliptical exploration of the nature of reality. Kimmel and Windsor treat us to a dialogue of perception. Though verses alternate, as the work progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish one voice from the other. Distinctions of gender and culture become vanishingly slight – identities less tangible than the blue smoke of the title.

John Carley, renku poet and translator